Team work – A Cliché?

Team work is the crux of everything which exists around you.

Without team work you wouldn’t find any Apple, Facebook or Microsoft or Tesla or anything for that matter.

It isn’t working individually, even though it may seem that it’s your individual effort that led to huge success. Success is achieved only if complete team works as “One” and not as individuals.

No one can say that I am a self-made man, since there would be contributions by someone on their journey which made them what they are today.

Best examples of Team work can be given with Car Rally in which Driver and Navigator work in sync to win. Rally Driver has no clue of how the track is and what he has to do, he blindly relies on navigator for inputs & modulations & track ahead. He trusts the navigator who has carefully drafted something called as pacenotes which he keeps telling his driver. One wrong communication and both people are toast. Since at speeds over 100 miles per hour on an unpaved track there is no margin of error.

Sniper and spotter set another example having to work as one unit. Two people working together as one person. They need to have brilliant coordination which is life and death, either for person in front of the sniper or for the one behind.

Win or lose is all part of the team. There are no individual wins. Not even if that’s pertaining to an athlete running a 100m sprint. The team effort goes from the coach to their physio. One cannot win without team work.

Team work as you can see here happens only with communication devoid of any emotional roadblock. You won’t hear any success stories which happened without proper intra team communication.

Also one should always remember as a leader without your team you are “Zero”. You must value your team and pass on the glory and not just the shame to the team.

Henry Ford rightly mentioned “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

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