WhatsApp Payments is here on Android and iOS – How do you enable?

Now there are tonne’s of questions how do I get it? Why can’t I see it?

This article will help you answer the questions

WhatsApp made this invisible feature activated in release from quite some time now. When I say invisible means it was invisible to the users or hidden from users,

So basically, WhatsApp has now activated the feature in the background, so now, without updating the app  users can enjoy the functionality. This is provided that the users have updated the last & most recent update which came a week back. (Android Version 2.18.46 & iOS Version 2.18.22)

Now the next question, how do you get it activated since everyone cannot see, so there is a small trick behind this, what WhatsApp has done is they have enabled it invite wise and not released to everyone.

So how does the invite works?

To activate get hold of person who has enabled on his device the UPI feature, once that person tries (only tries – no actual transaction) to send you payment he/she will get error that receiver does not have payment enabled.

Now the receiver just has to close WhatsApp and start again and Voila! you now have WhatsApp payment enabled.

This is for both iOS & Android and Yes! its live for both.

Next question would be if iPhone user can invite Android and vice-a -versa. Yes iPhone user can send payment to Android user and Android Receiver will get payments activated. So its not that the invite functions from OS to OS.

So the question comes if chicken came first or the egg and who got the first invite. I would say our very own Mark J

Till then enjoy this trick and use for sending payments or settling restaurant bills J

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