Facebook Privacy Settings : A Sham or Real!

I was living in oblivion like the rest of you until today.

While discussing with a friend this morning, he shared with me a ‘Know your personality’ link which reads your bio and gives you what personality trait you have.

So, I clicked, and it asked me that the page wants to read your bio ‘give permission’ and I gave, I got few personal traits and I closed the page.

Now I pondered, I gave permission to this page, now I don’t want that page to access information so from where do I remove the permission?

So, I started browsing through the Facebook app settings which I am very sure no one goes to. I finally found the setting in my android app Menu > Account Settings (scroll very down) > Apps (scroll very down) > Logged in with Facebook > Click the App/Page Name

I browsed through the apps, those reading my information and to my surprise there were around 150+. Please note these are not the apps which you download from Google Play or App Store. Facebook Pages which you access are referenced as Apps.

I clicked on the first app, and to my HORROR! it was collecting my name, dob, location, my complete friend list, my photos (1300+) my Tagged photos (400+), all my videos, all my status updates, all my checkin, all the pages that I like, my website etc.

See below few screenshots.

List of apps accessing data

Example app with

Data accessible to app/page – Page 1

Data Accessible to app/page – Page 2

Data Accessible to app/page – Page 3

Uncheck all boxes, scroll down, Click Remove App/page

Remove Page

Then I started to clean up from the 150+ apps/pages which were collecting my information till date without me knowing. For example, OLX was accessing my personal information like I mentioned above, I removed them completely. Why the hell does OLX need to access my personal pictures & videos?

It was cumbersome, but I removed around 100+. I am down to a manageable 20 apps I am using and sharing only the required information.

It’s ironic that people want to hide photos from people they know but unknowingly give access to these pages, who have access to all the photos you have posted + photos you were tagged, videos, relationships, birthday, where u live, etc.

I felt a fool that I am having all the checks and balances for the Facebook privacy settings, whereas I am at a greater threat since I ended up giving a lot more personal information to stranger apps while hiding from people I know.

Facebook is downright wrong by not letting the users know that such sensitive information is being shared and accessed by the owners of these pages without their complete knowledge.


Please I urge you to share this to your near and dear ones to make them aware that their personal data is being accessed and help them take appropriate steps in the article to stop access.


#Facebook #PrivacyBreach #ObliviousDataShare #StopSharing #StopSnooping

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